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i went to thomasville waffle house to have a nice evening out with my daughter and she got hit on by the male server there his name was greg i dont believe they should hire male servers because they seem to not be able to control the *** in their pants and maintain the appaearance of profesional i will never return to this waffle house and i am a thomasville resident he was nice and friendly at first then when i left to the restroom she told me he was over there talkin to her and starin down her shirt she asked him for a refill he said anything for a beautiful young thing like yourself all u gotta do is let me know and i think he was hintin around to more of a i can fill more than ur drink and i have never left there and my daughter say she didnt want to go back because he gave her the creeps like a dirty old man would if i came back in there id probably pull him outside and kick his ***

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