Atlanta, Georgia

Upon visiting the Waffle House on Howell Mill Road in Atlanta, Georgia with my college friends I spent $3.83 on a saugage, egg, and cheese biscuit with coffee. On my bank statement it states that I spent almost $20.00 with Waffle House.

Because sometimes restaurants make mistakes I waited until the charge was fully processed. Because the charge is not more than $25 my credit union will not allow me to fill out a dispute sheet. I have contacted the manager Mrs.

Crystale three times and she has not returned my calls. Now my account is in the negative, on top of a $35.00 overdraft fee I owe.

Product or Service Mentioned: Waffle House Manager.

Monetary Loss: $45.

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You waited a week (usually how long a transaction clears) to contact the manager? You should have contacted them once you saw it. You must have a dumb credit union.


I eat at unit 0524 Norcross, Ga. ticket was 32.72 used visa card servier charged 24.95 for some unknowed reason. I could have just sign but no i told her she sent a card refund for 24.97.that was 6/22/2013 told to give it a week ,as Sat 6/29/2013 no refund or answer from Mgr.