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....& IF by chance, they do decide to answer... (the 4th night in a row you've tried to call to place that order!!) after you say you're wanting to place an order To-Go, you get to hear- "Ugh, you're just gonna hafta hold on!" just so they can set the phone down-without even placing it on hold- so you get to hear what it is more important than taking care of the customer on 'hold' on the phone trying to place an order...

Her...apparently on her own cellphone, ordering some fettuccine alfredo (w/ chicken well done, extra alfredo sauce, & the broccoli on the side) and 2 orders of breadsticks (you know, w/ the creamy, parmesean, & garlic oil sauce stuff to dip them in) obviously for herself, from some other restaraunt down the road... (It was on speaker- so I heard the whole *** convo!!) Seriously?!! ...and after getting to hear her placing her entire TO-GO! order, then they just hang up in my face...without even taking my order!!

Worse even still- they will NOT bother to answer it again, even though you are steadily trying to call back for another whole hr!!

(Your b/f works directly across the street from them, & has already informed you that it's definitely not b/c they are just way too busy, or understaffed, or taking care of other guests--there's only two other people even in the *** place!! Worst customer service ever!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Waffle House Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Waffle House Cons: Waitress and cook stayed out side smoking.

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This is very true. I have experienced the same thing multiple times.

They just leave the phone off the hook because they dont want to be bothered. Then when you get there you have to wait for ever it seems for your food.


They did that to me at McDonald's Just left the phone off the hook and I could hear all of the employees cutting up and engaging in horseplay and laughing. After a half hour I finally hung up the phone.


You stayed on the phone for 30 minutes? Bruh, that's on you then.


F*$@ waffle house!


Pat, I'd like to solve the puzzle. Is it "Flock waffle house!" ???

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Like the laugh I got off of you and your dumba** comment?


Like the laugh i just got off of you and your *** comment??!!


If you want their food that badly, go in person and made an order.


For real! Instead of *** around on the phone for an hour being pissed off, just walk in.

It's not much harder to place an order in person. I can almost never get the waffle house near me to pick up the phone, but it doesn't phase me. As long as my 2 legs can carry my butt to the car to drive there, place the order, wait the 5 minutes it takes to make the order, and take it home, I'm a happy camper. People are rude everywhere.

It's not new information.

Quit pouting, go get your food in the store, and go home to shovel it into your mouth hole. Life goes on.


I've tried to call this dam place 10 times for 1 hour never got a answer *** *** customer service


Trust me I understand. People just want to defend mediocrity.


Apparently, the employee was already on the phone, calling in an order to another restaurant. What was wrong with that?

Was she suppose to hang up on the person so she could take your order? Why couldn't you have patience? As far as being hung up on, mist likely it was a genuine mistake or she thought you had hung up.

The part about you talking to her BF is just weird and sounds like a lie you added to make your story seem more dramatic. Why didn't you just go into the location and order face to face?


People should be able to enjoy the convenience or ordering in. Everyone doesn’t have time to sit and wait while they do the same things in person that they did over the phone.

The complaining party has every right tk decide tk order in and it doesn’t matter if they “want the food that badly”.You sound downright delusional to defend poor customer service.

The point is, the phones don’t get answered and waffle house should staff enough people to get a phone answered. Lets acknowledge the fact that people in fast food and other places sometimes just don’t like their jobs and the customer gets the short end for it.


Well if the OP had any manners she would not be listening in on a private conversation. The OP needs to learn to be more patient and that the world does not revolve around him or her.

You sound young. LIke you do not know how things work. If they hire more people little boy then they have to pay them.

This means that they may have to raise prices. Since mommy and daddy pay for your food you probably do not care but your parents have to spend more money then.


He sounds young? You sound dumb.


And if YOU had any manners you'd keep your mouth closed so your unnecessary, unwanted, and unethical little comments don't *** more people off at you than you already have!


Finally!!! Someone with some sense wants to chime in!!! What has this world come to when people automatically want to defend the mindless idiots of the world??!


I've experienced the same thing here at the waffle house in shallotte NC. Call and call but they actually have an answering machine that greets you stating that they are with other customers.

Well I did drive to the restaurant and seen maybe 2 couples in there eating and about 4 to 5 employees standing around doing nothing but twiddling their thumbs! Hopefully someone will see this and completely remove phone ordering so it doesn't hender the employees or either correct your employees and take phone orders!