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On or about, 9/22/2017, between 4-5pm, I visited the Georgia State University Waffle House located at 100 Piedmont Ave SE, Atlanta GA 30303. Upon visiting the store, I noticed an employee sitting outside on a bucket carrying on a conversation on her cell phone.

I entered the store and saw another employee taking care of the needs of a customer seated at the counter, eating. I proceeded to ask for service; the worker informed me the store temporarily closed due to a meeting she needed to attend over at the college. I asked her why couldn't the other employee provide me with service. She then went to the door to summon the other employee, who came inside and told me she was on break.

At that point, I asked to speak to a manager and told one was not available. I asked for their managers name as well as theirs, neither one provided me with this information; plus they were not wearing name badges. The young lady at the store (inside) when I arrived, kept telling me to leave the store because she had to go to her meeting and stated she had a right to refuse me service. I'm not making this up; I am a licensed minister.

I made a second trip to the store, after returning downtown. I was curious to see if someone in authority would be on site because I couldn't imagine anyone leaving those two by themselves to run a business. However, when I got there, for sure, they were still running the show without any form of supervision; and still refusing to take my order. I have attached pictures of both females.

The one sitting on the bucket when I arrived is the one sitting at the counter with feet propped up on a bar stool while on the phone. The young lady at the grill is the one that was inside the store when I arrived and the one telling me to leave the store so she could attend her meeting. Never have I ever experienced disrespect so blatantly from individuals old enough to be my daughters.

I was not once disrespectful to these young ladies, but something evidently was happening at the store that I wasn't privy too. I wait patiently for your reply!

Product or Service Mentioned: Waffle House Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Waffle House Cons: Customer service, Employee actions and conversations.

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So, anonymous, you think that she wasn’t being politically correct to take their pics and post them online? Tough *** They asked for it.


I agree you had bad service but you had no right taking someone's photo and posting it on a public website, without their permission.