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My family goes to waffle house #458 alot, and have for years. Of course there has been the coming and going of new servers we expect that.

Last year in August a new server was hired at the Evans store #458 and she is really good. My son and I have noticed she is treated very bad by other employees we have heard them tell customers things about her and have complained to manager as well.

Last week, I think on Thursday night she was working 3rd shift with my favorite cook, i noticed he was giving this server a real time and assumed he was joking around. They have always gotten along so good. Around 2am 3 drunk very large men came into the restaurant and began bellowing for the cooks attention, he walked over and spoke and went back to the grill.

The waitress (same girl) was taking another tables order waffle house was full...and to my disbelief he yells for her to stop with that table and go to the table of drunks. She does and takes their orders....calls them in and gets their drinks (waters) when she takes them to the table the bigger of the 3 spills his this hits the severs foot and when she attempts to clean he curses her , and yes everyone gets really quite and hears what was said....this entire situation could and should have been handled straight away, the cook on duty allowed these 3 men to verbally abuse this waitress in a restaurant full of people. I can understand if she wasnt doing her job, this was the only server on the dining floor during mas5ers week in Evans Ga, and according to management "the number 1 store in Augusta Ga". When I approached Ms Harris (unit 458 manager) she informed me the cook didn't care for the server and was trying to get her to quit.

I wish i wouldve gotten video this poor girl was shaking so bad she could barely take orders...and the 3 drunks kept this up, no one said anything. I have spoken to her since and nothing has been done, just her hours cut i think this is a big shame for waffle house considering this girl is a single mother trying to raise her daughter, and one of the few employed there {{Redacted}} (Another story...another time)

Product or Service Mentioned: Waffle House Waiter.

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