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Also, I have screenshots of the Facebook messages that were exchanged. I tried to attach them to the pdf but was not able too.

I think the file was too big, but I am glad to email them to anyone who wants them. Thank you.

Original review posted by user Mar 05

This incident happened over this previous weekend, no I have not tried to contact them in fear that the manager that was involved would answer. My husband, friend and I had the WORST time at this restaurant.

This was at one time our favorite Waffle House but we will never go back after this. Server was very sweet, but did NOT give good service AT ALL. Did not tell us her name. Yes, it was on her name tag, but I feel like if you are trying to make money off of me you should at least tell me your name.

Order was wrong. Coffee was cold. Stood around texting and walking slow. Fixed order promptly but seemed aggravated that she got it wrong.

We were few of the only people in this store at the time and there were what seemed to be 3 people working, one was sitting at the bar, I believe her to be the manager but I could be wrong, seeing as she was either clocked out at the time or whatever, she was seated at the bar the entire duration of our visit. It’s not that hard to give good service to your ONE table. Anyway, as I was paying for our meal I did not feel obligated to leave a tip as we had received what all three of us to believe as horrible service. I left a 0 tip.

So as we were walking out, our server held up the receipt to her co worker that was sitting at the bar. All three workers took it upon themselves to GAWK at us as we were standing by my vehicle smoking an after-meal cigarette. So since they were staring as I pulled away, I waved goodbye to them and the female that was sitting at the bar proceeded to flip me off. I stopped my vehicle to collect myself because WOW.

Did not get out, did not roll down my window, instead of getting down to their level, I drove away. After that, one of the staff from this store looked at my name on the receipt and then proceeded to look me up on Facebook, and then send me a personal message saying “Since you can’t do math, this is what a 15% tip looks like.

I do not appreciate being harassed for not leaving a tip for a server that did not do her job up to standard. Please help me resolve this issue or I will proceed to take further action.

Product or Service Mentioned: Waffle House Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It sounds and looks like that there is more to this story that there is. It sounds and looks like you're not showing the details from the other people.

You're stalling aren't you. It's always customers like you that are always looking for starting something with the other managers and employees for no reason.

It's sound like if anybody is stalking and harassing someone it is you. People are able to tell when customers like you lie and fabricate details!


Agreed with you. It's so bad and sad to see any customer lie and fabrice details. This is living proof this customer is full of bs.