Houston, Texas

I have a serious complaint, on Sept 29 I went in Waffle House on Westheimer near Wilcrest for breakfast like I normally do. I sat in a booth and went to the restroom.

Returning from the restroom I noticed the booth I usually sit was available so I mention to the employee was cleaning at the time. I was going to sit in my usual area, she responded ok that fine. I sat and order my food when the same employee came and ask me to sit in a smaller booth. I asked why I was never asked this before because it have been crowed before and customers were able to sit and wait for an available seating area.

I never had this happen to me before. I felt offended because I spoke to the employee before I sat. She said the larger booths or for larger groups. This historical moment was offensive and I left because waffle house should be a first come first service facility.

I went sometimes five-days out of the week, sometimes I go elsewhere’s and I enjoyed my service until she asked me to moved to another area after I order my food.

I spend maybe $70.00 including tips in waffle house per week and I should be able to sit where I please. I’m very offended about it with the heavy crowd having my business and personality on display.

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Are you serious? This is a problem?

Lose your overly developed sense of entitlement. Big deal! Seventy bucks.

Who cares? This does not entitle you to ride roughshod over other people.


Good lord, get over yourself, if this is your biggest complaint in life then life is going very well for you. It frequently happens that restaurants do not want one person sitting at a 4+ person booth - doesn't matter that you have sat there before - on this occasion it was busy - you said yourself "heavy crowd" - and they wanted the booth for a larger group of people. Grow up.