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Pulled up at HWY 78 waffle house in Monroe ga at around 11pm Friday night with my husband and 2 kids. As we are pulling up all of the waitresses and their friends/boyfriends are sitting on the lower end of the diner on laptops, as well as there phones.

Now, the diner was disgusting. Tables were not wiped, Booth seats not cleaned, the floor was awful with food and tray everywhere. Matt the cook, not to sure on the name, was walking out from the back. He was the only one to greet us.

We were the "only" customers there at that time. I ask him, the cook, what was going on and he said what do you mean, I said what's wrong here. He said, "what do you mean?" I said well look, the tables are filthy and there is trash all over the f'kn floor. I apologized to him for cursing and explained that it isn't his fault when he is doing what he was suppose to do and the servers are getting loose.

So as we were walking out the little Hood rats that obviously don't take what you do for them seriously and makes your company look like a mess. They we're cursing , yelling, being smart *** because I called then out on their filth. So as I was leaving I had the 24hr customer service on the phone , and believe it or not. They all, including the cook, got up and started to do their job.

There was one waitress that did not say anything rude or distasteful. Not sure her name.

Review about: Waffle House Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Speaking of god awful, what kind of trash is feeding their kids dinner at 11pm at a garbage fast food restaurant? Pathetic.

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