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I was a mastergrill and told by District manager i was slow and dont do ANYTHING right but she would not let me have any backup On weekends . Even when she knows we would be slammed she would take my backup off..

I quit even though 1300 to 1600 by myself isnt much to some, I take alot of pride in my work. Every other person ive worked under has applauded me but she should insulted me everytime she saw me. Ive worked about 15 years with them and have never been treated like that. Ive asked her repeatedly to tell me what i was doing wrong but she just brags about the one she took under her wing.

2 other districts before her wanted me to be a rockstar but she said NO. They are hiring them in 18 1000 an hour. Thats only 125 more than me. When i asked her about that she just laughed and walked out.

Ive been asked to take managment position twice over the years and declined both times. Something needs to be done about her at unit 1580 before the few good workers walk out too

Reason of review: Poor working conditions.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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If you were so slow, you wouldn't have lasted 15 years. That manager is full of it.

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