6637 E Independence Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28212, USA
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I walk in every counter top and table nasty and sticky .. the workers all standing talking to loud ..

No one greets? .. so I pick up a sticky menu and as I look over the menu one staff finally says can she take my order and I say I’m not ready I need a minute .. she says ok I place the order ..

I sit and as they all stand around I ask to wipe off the place where I’ll sit . Another staff does so.. still sticky ..my food is ready she’s placing it in to go trays I tell her I’ll eat here . I’m now eating another staff says I can’t eat at the counter to go food ..

YET EVERY TABLE IS DIRTY NO ONE CLEANED THEM OFF .. I kindly take my food to eat In my car .

Customer service been poor since 08’ today was the last straw. The sign on the window says friendly service that’s the furthest thing from the truth ...

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