There is a Hurrican and we are all under curfew. The hospital is closed as well as casinos.

The Waffle House seems to think the weather is bad enough to close. Different members of my family had to go in to work today to cook waffles for people who couldnt go buy groceries at Walmart like normal people. It's a shame for the Waffle House to put it's workers in jeopardy driving to work during this storm.

I will never eat at another Waffle House again. They only care about making money instead of it's employees warefare.

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you know, they do care about the customer and if the can be open to serve people who do not have electricity or gas, then they do it for the community.


But people like you guys go eat there right? :?


they have never cared about employees, they never close. they have young kids one or two at most on graveyard shift and no one cares. just make money

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