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I order the same food 3-4 times per week. Always sub tomatoes for toast.

Today a new salesman says no they don’t do that. I said they do virtually every other day-why not today? Ask him to get the MGR. They agree to do it but explain why I am wrong to expect this again.

The four lunch shift ladies who handle things know how to handle their business. This guy said he’d been there 11 years. How in the world? MGR backed him up.

A dozen restaurants around here but I come here because I like hash browns scattered well A LOT!! Not any more though.

Product or Service Mentioned: Waffle House Customer Care.

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You know what is pathetic. There are people starving in third world countries.

There are even kids starving in the United States and yet you complain about tomatoes. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Did your parents bring you up this way? Trust me if you don't go back you won't be missed.