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What's going on is lack of communication. As a subordinate I listen to my superior, on today 1/13/2018.

My manager Kristan Miller was supposed to be expediting, I am aware that as a manager she will do what needs to be done. But her attitude and they way she pushes her authority around is uncalled for and it it makes me uncomfortable. I have stated to her once before around 12/22-25/ 17. That it isn't necessarily to talk to me in such tone...

First she tells me that I have a bad attitude and then tells me that she's my boss and that's have to deal with it... The cynical comments and rhetorical questions are highly uncalled for and especially earning a first shift rush. I have no issue with taking orders and I don't find anything wrong with advice and pointers. I have been in the industry long enough to know that you will learn something new everyday you get up and work.

But at a certain point of constantly telling someone that how they talk to you is causing issues. I'm only having these issues with Kristan, as I've worked at two different locations and I don't have none of them problems I have with her. Today felt as if I was purposely singled out and I'm not sure as to what the reason is or was. I will say that I have enough experience in the resturant industry to know how the flow of the line works and it makes me really upset to see antagonistic and condescending coming from management Something must be done and my termination shouldn't be one of the things that is done, anytime Kristan has called me in to work I was there and I feel that if I'm taking my off days to come fill in for your shifts when Im not scheduled.

Then at the very least show me some courtesy. But don't belittle me and try to make it appear as if I can't handle my job. Today I got blamed for a few of Kristan mistakes. Which would have been avoided had she just focused on expediting.

I'm in no way trying to tell Kristan how to do her job, however when you have worked in kitchens as long as I have, it is second nature to delicate tasks in order to achieve cohesive flow on the line. Sincerely Christopher Franklin Contact:6188828850

Product or Service Mentioned: Waffle House Manager.

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