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I went to Westheimer Waffle House in Houston TX Saturday April 20. I placed a to-go order through a lady name Bug.

When she inform me of my total I hesitate to pay but did anyway. I order a all star special my total ended up being 11.00. I thought about the situation the entire day. I decided to call Monday morning to speak to a manager.

A female answer the phone I spoke to her about the complaint since she said the manager was busy. After informing her of my complaint she said I needed to speak to the store manager Melinda who was off that day. The lady on the phone inform me that Melinda daughter ia the woman who took my order. She inform me that she has been overcharging customers for months and Melinda her mother allows it.

Now thar is not how a business should be ran. The lady on the phone also said that several employees have reported mother and daughter but the situation hasn't change. I can only imagine how many customers have been rip off. I understand the 10 percent to go charge but not more than that.

I as a consumer will contact corporate or higher until this is resolved. Judging from the employee comments on the phone contacting the store directly would be a waste of timema

Product or Service Mentioned: Waffle House Manager.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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