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Went in on a Saturday night, it's cold outside and freezing inside. We asked the server if they had the ac on and she said "probably" and laughed.

Her husband was sitting in the booth behind us so she was far more concerned with him than any customers. Our food came and my boyfriend found a hair in his eggs and his plate that his Waffle came on had old crusty food on it. He isn't one to complain and ate it anyways, I let our server know about both and she made a face, said that's gross and then laughed again. We got boxes and drinks to go, I got up to pay and she asked how everything else was besides those "little things".

I explained that they weren't little things and she snapped at me saying "I said THOSE things not little things". I paid with a card so I asked for our receipt and when she was giving me the one to sign she threw the pen on the counter. I didn't tip on the card, because I leave cash, and she came back to our table and hovered there with her husband until we left- I'm assuming to see if we were going to tip. No goodbye, thanks for coming, see you later- nothing from anyone when we walked out.

It's no secret that this store has gone down hill over the years and that the servers are more worried about their drugs and smoke breaks than to take care of their customers. I try to go when there is a certain cook working because she makes sure we have a good experience everytime we are in there.

Review about: Waffle House Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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