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Is there any way I can print out my W2 online or have it emailed to me? I need us asap !!!


Can I get my w2 online



How to i cash out stock when i no longer work there


How do I change my address when i no longer work there?how do i get my last 2 paystub?

How do I do a change of address ? I no longer work for yall and I have moved.I worked at Mallberry church rd in charlotte N.C..How do I get copys of my last 2 paystubs?Thank you and have a nice day


Stock investment

Did I Cynthia Wood purchase stock in company when employed


Am I hireable again at another Waffle House in a different state.

I worked 10 months night shift at a Waffle House in Phenix City, AL last year.I walked out because the grill operator was allowed to work while on street drugs.

He had a temper and others had problems with him. I believe I've been placed on a do not hire list.

How do I handle this?I would like to work at a Waffle House again.


Why does A manager come out on the floor and cuss at the employees like she does? Trudy at west stone drive Kingsport tn,

She has done it many times, I wouldn't want to be treated like that. Time and place for everything, not in front of the customer.


Is there free refills on the lemonade?

This is the first time I've ever heard there was no free refills on the lemonade store #1641


How do I get my last check/checks from a month ago when I quit but never got?

I quit my job at Waffle House before payday & never got it,it was over a month ago so I figured it got sent back to corporate office


You would need to call corporate office and ask for it to be mailed to you. You would have been responsible for going to unit and getting your money.


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