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On Saturday, December 1, 2018, a date a will never forget, I visited the Waffle House located at 8765 Tara Blvd, Jonesboro, GA alone. Although the store was busy, because of some bad coughing issues I was experiencing due to allergy problems, I asked to be seated at a booth rather than at the counter out of respect for customers that would be seated next to me.

The greeter kindly accommodated me and said she will inform the staff. I was then greeted by a young waitress named Kiara Phillips, and things went downhill from there. When she first approached my table, I immediately felt a sense of arrogance and disrespect from her. The first question she uttered to me was, "Are you here to eat?" I thought the question was rather odd and said what else would I be here for?

She said, "Some people come to just sit." I told her I was here to eat. She took my order, which was cheese eggs, grits, crispy bacon, raisin toast with no butter. A little while later, she proudly came back with my order and I was totally horrified. She presented me with a bowl of water with floating grits (literally), half cooked bacon, no toast.

I looked at the grits in horror and asked her what was wrong with them? Her response in a very cold and nonchalant tone was, "If you don't want the grits, I can bring you hash browns." I asked her again why was I brought watered grits, she repeated the same thing in the same cold tone. She saw I was visibly upset and it became a joke to her. With a smirk on her face she said, "Want do you want me to bring you?" She never once said I apologize or offer any reason for bringing me half cooked food.

It is now in retrospect that I believe it was all deliberate. I have patronized Waffle House for many years and have never experienced such horrible service. When she took the food away, I asked another waitress to get the manager for me. When the manager came to my table, the waitress came and stood there also with that same smirk on her face.

I asked her twice to please leave while I speak to the manager. She then flippantly gave him my ticket and told him to deal with me and walked away. I was surprised he didn't call her out for her arrogance and blatant rudeness. The manager listened to me and apologize for her behavior.

She then came back to the table again and I had to ask her again to leave. She didn't leave until the manager told her to do so. I then asked him for her name and contact number for customer service. He instead put me in contact with the area manager, who I spoke to extensively by phone while still at tge restaurant about what happened.

She assured me she would come to the store and speak with the waitress. Even though I was given this assurance and my tab was covered, I wanted to share my unfortunate experience directly with Waffle House. I am a 60 year old woman. The least I should have been offered as a customer was respect even if the food was unpresentable.

Kiara saw that I was an older woman. It was as if she found some sort of enjoyment out of disrespecting me for she laughed her way through the whole ordeal with the other staff. I was left almost in tears at the audacity of her arrogance in a position of customer service. I believe the whole matter started when I requested as one person to be seated in a booth because of my ailment.

It is my prayer that this young lady, Kiara Phillips, undergoes additional customer service training or be replaced with someone more suitable for this area of work.

She caused me a lot of emotional stress even while not feeling well to have to deal with her rudeness. That wasn't on my agenda for a morning breakfast.

Product or Service Mentioned: Waffle House Waiter.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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