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So waffle house does not take phone orders at all? In a pandemic they require you to come into the restaurant, order, wait and crowd the restaurant?

Every time I have gone to the Westerville Waffle House just off RT3, there is always one employee outside smoking behind the restaurant. They poke their head around to sneak a peek and go right back to smoking.Go some

User's recommendation: Go Somewhere else. Order bob evans.. They will take your order over the phone or the web.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Waffle House Pros: Good breakfast food, Pecan waffle.

Waffle House Cons: Horrible service, Employees always outside smoking, Dirty restrooms, Company policy does not take public health into account.

Location: 3385 Granville Expressway, Westerville, OH 43081

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See we once again deleted your rude post.

@Franciso Jwd

you might want to change this policy... Wouldn't want someone seeming like a hypocrite.

Isn't this cherry-picking? You know what?

I'll let consumer protection and the attorney general figure that out https://www.pissedconsumer.com/static/about-us.html Equal Opportunity and Protection We provide an equal opportunity platform free from cherry-picking, duress or unreasonable content policing. We fight for our users in court defending their right to freedom of speech and expression.

@Franciso Jwd

Franciso Jwd, I see since reporting this site to the Ohio Attorney General, that some of the defamatory posts have been removed from my review. Wonder if I got posting privileges back too? I was unable to post after making the complaint against pissedconsumer.com and the parent company.


I emailed the mod, They said you made those comments and are giving thumbs down. They also banned you from posting.


I notice that you complained to this website about how it is run. They deleted your complaint ha ha.

@Ninette Tli

Well there you go telling on yourself. My complaint was never approved to be released for public consumption.

The only way you could have known that is if you work at pissedconsumer.com and have access to comments that have not been approved.

I know b/c I have been watching on another computer with a different account. Weave your web of lies


Also what about the rights of the employee to take breaks, oh wait someone edited your letter. Is that your next lie.


You know what the person whom you falsely accused of working at Waffle House can sue you as well.

@Any Hwz

If you take the time to see the difference between my comments and the false comments, you will see that I asked a question. I did not make an accusation or misrepresent anyone. The comments are very clear since the person seems to have stopped changing their profile nickname to match mine at the moment

@Jj S Qci

Sure keep making excuses. they will ban this account as well.

Liar. First you said you did not make those posts then you said you asked questions


I hope you get this message before they deleted my message explaining how this site works. If you keep exposing this website soon they will not allow you to post any messages unless they are approved.

Just do not worry about it.

Delete your complaint. The people make of this site make money per post.


I see that you are being affected by this unprofessional website as well. Just want you to know that the people who are pretending to be you work for this unprofessional website.

@Zack 2001

I am looking into reporting this website for criminal impersonation and violation of consumer protection laws. Attorney General of my state and the better business bureau will be receiving this information.

I have already recorded this with screenshots.

Thank you for taking the time to reach out! Although I am sorry you will probably be tolled by these stalkers.

@Jj S Qci

It has been done thousands of times. the best approach is to go to your review and remove your whole letter.

That way the site gets less attention. Just delete your account in total.


The website has been doing this for years. The person making your posts under your same name work for pissed consumer Just ignore it and remove your letter.

This unprofessional website does not need your attention. If you keep this up they won't let you post comments unless they are reviewed.


This website is broken. Commenter be aware. You need to check every post and track it back to the profile because this website allows users to set the exact same profile name.


Each time I change my nickname my comments follow. I have now changed my nickname to The Targeted.

@Reported to Attorney General of Ohio

Just compare the two accounts that made the Post/Comment, then compare that account to this one. You will see they are different accounts. about 10 seconds after I logout, this stalker changes their profile to match mine

@Jj S Qci

Just ignore them. They will stop then.

Everyone knows what is going on. I will be "under review for exposing the truth about this site, you will also be. The one doing this is the people who run this site.

This is how they change your username ever ten seconds. They get a notice when the name is changed and do the same.

@Zack 2001

The problem is, anyone can change their nickname to match another user. This could just be some insane person living at home and collecting Gov't checks, doing this for fun.

It could also be someone paid by a particular company to troll people making complaints against their company. It could be a number of possibilities, but one thing is for sure; this website is of a very poor design. It's almost like pissedconsumer.com designed the website for confusion. You do not need any special admin access to make your name exactly like another users nickname.

If there were security controls to prevent multiple accounts of the same name, this would not be an issue. Very simple controls that are built into every other forum type web app system in the world.

Even AOL was better than this in the early 90's. This being 2021, this is not a mistake, this is on purpose.

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