Myself and Two other friends decided to eat at the waffele House in robuck alabama, It was just us 3 as the customers and 3 other's employees. We were served our food, as we were eating, two of the friends stepped out side to smoke, I sat at the table myself eating, the 3 employees decided to crank up the radio really loud, my phone rang at 6:13 being my job.

( Medical Record Audit) is what i do for hospitals. I had to answer so i stepped into the bathrromso i could hear the call. I returned back to my seat continued eating. my other friend had alread returned back from smoking.

at 6:23 two birmingham police suv's pull in with lights going. Come into the resturant walk to our table and ask for our Id's as if we had done a crime of some sort. The employees working on the day of 5-14-17, had called to report that we were eating and leaving without paying. I was so humilated.

I have never felt so embarrest in my life. We paid immediately and left called back down to the place asking for a manager name, they hung up on us. We called back then they started giving false names. I myself working for the hospitals and never had been in any kind of trouble will never eat at another waffele house again.

inwhich I and my family eat at least once a week.I do have the receipts and would love for the video from that day to please be pulled. My bright pink bag and all of our belongings were still sitting on the table at the time the employees called the cops on us.

Reason of review: humilted being thought of as being a theif.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Having the cops called on me for no reason at all.

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