501 Westinghouse Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28273, USA
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I went to the waffle House on Westinghouse boulevard at 2:30 in the morning to get a sandwich.my chicken sandwich came as I'm eating my chicken sandwich at the bar the waitress with the dreads the lady with the dreads started washing dishes and wet my food I asked her could she stopped washing dishes because my food was getting wet and she said it's only a little bit of water dag with a nasty attitude. I just asked her nicely can you stop washing them until I'm finished eating and she continued to watch the dishes my food continue to get wet I was just like I don't even want the food now she continued to tell me it was only a little bit of water with a nasty attitude and getting smart with me saying well you don't have to eat it. I couldn't believe how rude and inhospitable she was being.I've never dealt with anybody in the hospitality industry with such a nasty attitude and disposition she just kept coming back to me and and you don't got to eat it you don't got to eat it it is only a little bit of water you act like I wet your whole plate but just a little bit of water on my food and I'm about to eat is too much and instead of her saying I apologize I'll get you another sandwich she told me is only a little bit of water and kept interrupting me when I was talking to the person I was with she even web us up with the water my plate was wet the person I was with got wet and I was wet.she told me you should just eat it and be happy she also said she don't care if the food is wet .the only time she said what do you want another sandwiches when I said I'm getting in touch with your corporate office she never offered an apology and then my card was charged for one coffee a $8.50 tip which I am fighting with my bank because I never wrote that tip in I believe that is fraudI then went to the waffle House in Pineville and explain to the manager what just happen at the waffle House in Westinghouse he's in apologize fix the problem we made my chicken sandwich it was very nice about it and I just appreciate being able to get it right the second time in Pineville I write a food blog and will make sure I write about this experience on my blog so noone I know will go back to the waffle House on Westinghouse it's way below par.

Product or Service Mentioned: Waffle House Waiter.

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You have got to be kidding??? There is no way you write a food blog.

You CAN'T spell.

No punctuation. Run on sentences, etc.