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My mother and I went to the waffle house in ocean springs, MS to eat. It was really late at night and we had just left the hospital from where my grandfather was at and were starving and it was the only option close by so we decided to go there.

I have eaten at waffle houses all my life and my mother in law worked at one for years and usually never have any complaints at all. She ordered an omelet with bacon and cheese and i ordered the all star special. It didnt take long at all for the food to arrive but once it got there thats when all the problems started. I asked for a cup of coffee when my breakfast arrived and in my opinion not an unusual request.

the waitress brought our food then poured my coffee. i only put two creams and two sugars in it and took a sip and it was ice cold. I called the waitress over and told her very politely (i was raised to treat everyone with respect so i mean politely) that the coffee was cold and could i please have another cup. she smiled and apologized and said sure and poured me some more out of the same pot and of course it was still cold but i didn't say anything because it was late and i was tired.

My mother cut into her omelet and within seconds grease was covering the plate now i realize its an omelet with bacon and cheese and grease is to be expected but not that much...she could have poured all the grease into a coffee mug and it would have filled half the cup and im not exaggerating at all. She politely showed the waitress and the girl rushed off to make her a new one. after a few minutes she brought her another one and it was ok. My waffle was raw in the middle and my eggs were very overcooked but i didn't make a fuss because i have worked in a resturant before as a server and i understand that you can't expect perfection all the time.

The real problem came when it was time to leave and she brought us our bill. she charged me for both omelets and two cups of coffee even though i only drank one sip out of each cup and the first omelet was sent back because no human being in their right mind would have eaten it. I asked her why she charged me for all that and she said that if she gets to much in food waste she will get fired and she is not gonna get fired for me and my mother being to picky. I was furious at this point because she is treating me like garbage for the cooks mistake.

I told her i was not paying for the one omelet and the coffee and if she didn't take it off then i would leave without paying period and she said well i will call the cops and lie to them and tell them you stole food and have you arrested. i threw the money down on the counter for the one omelet and my all star special and walked out of the resturant. I walked to my car and wrote down my name, phone number and address and handed it to an employee who was sitting outside and told him the story and he shook his head and said im so sorry for what happened i am the night manager and i just got here and i will fix this for you. He went into the store and i could hear him yelling outside he walked back out with my money and the paper i gave him and said that the problem has been resolved and gave it back to me.

I appreciate him being so understanding and i would have let him keep the money because we did eat some of the food and i would have paid for it but the way she treated me was uncalled for. the waitress still works there but i refuse to step foot back into that place and i warn all others to think twice before you do.

Product or Service Mentioned: Waffle House Eggs.

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