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My sons and I eat at the Waffle House several times a month and have always been happy with it until tonight. When we got there, there was 1 other customer in the place yet it took the waitress no less than 8 minutes to even acknowledge us and probably another 5 to take our orders.

There was not a cook in sight and one didn't come out of the back for another 7 or 8 minutes. We had been there for going on a half hour and they had not even started cooking anything. The waitress asked if we wanted real silverware or plastic. The question confused me at first since I had not placed a to-go order.

but finally I managed to get the word "real" out of my mouth. So she walked over and dropped 3 sets of plastic eating utensils on the table. I already knew she was not getting a tip and I tip big when the service is good and the girls there know it but I had never seen this girl before. When our food finally started coming they had managed to get my order wrong.

I want eggs, bacon with grits and toast. She brought me eggs and hash browns and told me that the female cook they had that night had gotten my order wrong but that it was alright since she was not going to charge me for the hash browns and turned and walked off. I, in all my years, have never heard something so completely ignorant come out of a waitresses mouth. I used to wait table and I could not believe what I was hearing.

Please, just feel free to completely ignore what I ordered and bring me what ever you want and tell me that I should like it because they were going to take $1.06 off the meal they screwed up. OMG! Where did this *** come from? I said no, I didn't order hash browns and I didn't want them.

I wanted what I ordered. At this time I asked for real silverware for the second time while she was at it. I ended up asking for them 2 more times and never did get them. She had taken my plate away and the cook was adjusting it.

In the mean time she began to bring my boys food. Little bits at a time. One of them hash browns come. The other had the All Star meal and she brought his sausage.

That was it for me. I told my sons to come on and we got up to leave. This incredibly *** waitress was even *** enough to look at me and ask where we were going. I told her they could eat it that we sure were not and we left.

I have never in 54 years ever seen a restaurant that was so bad that I had to walk out.

This is Sunday July 26th and it was at about 7:30 pm if anyone is interested in looking up who this *** that is costing Waffle House money is but I really doubt anyone cares as it seems Waffle House has gone to ***.

Product or Service Mentioned: Waffle House Eggs.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Well, it IS Riverdale. The whole area has gone in the toilet in the last several years. It used to be a really nice place to live.