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I, have been going to The Waffle House since 1985, I love the culture and food. New hires, are mostly nasty , unclean, clueless about that folks in any Waffle House observe cleanliness, hygiene of all employees.

The newer generations want to cook, pants down on the grill ,crack showing touching their butt area, they go to the restroom and go straight to serving, maybe they did or did not wash hands in the restroom, dig in their heads,scratch under clothes and do not wash their hands.

Nasty new hires are killing business, folks at counters have walked out, complained about the filthy, nasty habits of new hires, cleanliness should be stressed to new hires more than ever, I have noticed a drop in customers, one new hire named Tiffany a black female was the most filthy person, I have ever saw.Please emphasize, cleanliness to new hires !!!! Charles Daniels, P.O BOX 1470, Red Oak, Texas 75154

Product or Service Mentioned: Waffle House Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: cleanliness new hires.

Preferred solution: Training of new hires cleanliness .

I liked: I love the waffle house.

I didn't like: Cleanliness of new hires.

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Lmao bigot much? In Texas no less.

Why isn’t anyone surprised! Buddy I get your white entitlement attitude but in today’s world it’s archaic and outmoded. A new person takes time to find their pace/place/professionalism’s. Let me guess, you’re SO WHITE that the very second you were hired you knew every aspect of your job.

From the easiest to the hardest tasks you NEVER made a mistake. Professionalism is a culture and a attitude. Some people have it,’some people need to learn it. But bigotry is ignorance and ignorance is intolerance.

Go be white trash at home. Atleast there you can only harm yourself with your poor attitude.


When posting on a public website, there is no reason to display your contact details for the world to see.

to Anonymous #1497550

You Dummy , I am Black, no race likes filth!!!!

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