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I walked in and took about 5 minutes for someone to ask me if I wanted help the cook actually had to ask me what I wanted because the waiter or waitress was sitting there doing nothing in the back snorting pills or whatever it was I do not know the cook Brandon I believe his name is had a bad experience with about 15 Mexican kids and their family right before I walked in and had to give them a lot of free stuff cuz you messed up their meal so I feel like that was taken out on me so I ordered a grilled cheese bacon $5 meal with milk to drink and it had two pieces of bacon on it which was very very skimpy one half of the sandwich literally had a couple of nuggets of bacon not even a whole piece so it was very very skimpy on the bacon they said they put two pieces on there I was like I understand but that's not a whole piece so they wanted me to pay for an extra piece of bacon I was not going to pay for an extra piece of bacon I just wanted a decent amount of bacon on a bacon cheese sandwich if it is 2 pieces then make it two big pieces but make it legit so the cook took me a piece of bacon and gave it to me no questions asked and resolved that issue I asked for a refill on my milk and I was automatically slammed with we will have to charge you for a refill on milk which I've never been charged for refills on milk when I eat there nevertheless I told her that was okay I'm willing to pay for a refill of milk can you please just get me a refill of milk she acted like she did not want to refill my milk so I was so frustrated at this point I put my Fork down didn't want to eat it went to the restroom came back 5 minutes later and my milk was still not refilled so I went outside and took a video of all of this cuz I was so upset at this point I wanted to take a video of this sandwich to show it to their manager and also show that my milk has not yet been refilled after asking three times and agreeing to pay for it so the cook Brandon instead of the waitress had to fill my milk which is the waitress's job to do but she was busy talking to her friends that work there that had come in to eat so she did not refill my milk he had to do it they only had about a quarter glass of milk left in the frigerator so he said he would give it to me for free I did not get to eat my food because I was so upset over this experience I wasn't even hungry anymore so now I'm driving to another Waffle House to get decent service and a decent meal at 1 in the morning when I should be going home but I need to get something to eat because it is Christmas Day and I'm very hungry so after all this they still wanted to charge me almost $3 for the milk I told them I did not eat my food and my stomach was upset from having to deal with them very unprofessional and very bad service I usually do not complain but this was ridiculous when I asked for the managers number right from the get-go about the sandwich he would not give me the manager phone number he gave me a 1-800 8 Waffle House phone number which I don't believe is a Waffle House phone number because I've tried to call it I had to actually look you guys up on Google I did talk to the lady at customer service and she was helpful but this was very very bad experience I guess I would just like to request a free meal because I have wasted gas to come three exits down on the interstate just to be able to get something to eat tonight and it was horrible I couldn't even eat now I'm having to drive to another Waffle House to get something to eat cuz there is no where open it is Christmas night so if possible I would like to request a free meal or whatever you guys could do to straighten the situation out we ate at Waffle House a lot and usually is wonderful service and definitely fast preparation of the food

Product or Service Mentioned: Waffle House Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Sounds like the same experience I had last night. They need new jobs if they can't handle customer service.