Ridgeway, South Carolina

Waitress does not work they just sit around. The restaurant was filthy and no one was cleaning.

Manager did not seem to care at all. Waitress smoking and sitting around. Food was substandard. Not a happy customer!!!!

tables where not wiped down. Blythewood store is like night and day. This store is not up to company standards.

Employees do not greet people and are rude and seem to be very recess. Cook waste food and does not get the orders done on time or correct, everything in this store is messed up there needs to be a investigation done, manager is very bad.

Product or Service Mentioned: Waffle House Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Hickory, North Carolina, United States #634945

Could not have said it better Anonymous, Cudo's

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #625217

Good heavens, grow up! You have one complaint and just keep adding on with any little thing you can dream up.

So they only had one waitress instead of waitresses. How much to you expect a waitress to do? What type of filthy do you mean? You reaaly should be more specific.

If they had been rushed before you arrived, they might not have had a chance to clean, sweep, get tables and chairs wiped off, etc. As you stated tables where not wiped down. I don't understand why people think employees should greet them, it's a business, not a social event where you have been invited. How are the employees rude, just because they didn't greet you or what?

Exactly how do you know what company standards are? What do you mean the employees are very recess? I have never, ever heard of that. How does the cook waste food, and how do you know?

Also what is the time limit for him/her to get the order cooked? If you didn't like the way your order was prepared, if you had complained in a nice, polite manner, they more than likely would have corrected it. Who are you to judge anything about how the store should be ran. If the waitress is sitting at a table where smoking is allowed, did it ever occur to you that she could be on break-----no you only jumped to the conclusion that you were being ignored.

When it comes to filth in the restaurant, be assured that health inspectors do inspections in any business that handles food, including grocery stores on a regular basis, and sometimes they are unannounced inspections.

If the business doesn't have a certain score on the inspection they are given a deadline to get it corrected, when a new inspection will be gone. For some reason you just plain seem to have a grudge against this business.

to anonymous Tucker, Georgia, United States #665029

I happen to work at a waffle house on third shift and we clean all night. A 24 hour restaurant is hard to keep clean when we are contantly having to pick up after everyone.

If your table is not clean simply ask the waitress to clean it. If the food is taking too long then ask why because there usually is a good reason.

Yes we are suppose to speak but we are pretty busy most of the time and do not always see customers come in. If you think the job is thst easy it's not.

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