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I visited the waffle house with a friend on Lone Oak Road in Paducah Kentucky approximately about 1:30 in the morning upon our arrival arrive to the property both employees were outside where isa gentleman" later to confirm his name was Jay " was taking a picture of somebody's license plate, after waitunv for staff to enter building we go inside and get the food ordered my i ordered the all star. With grits, and biscuit n gravey.

I was informed by the server that there was not very much gravy also I was informed that there was not a working microwave in the building after receiving our partial breakfast served on a plate I politely ask for another piece of cheese and when that did not melt I asked if I could have a bowl and if they could heat it up the server told me that they didn't have a microwave so she don't know how warm she could get them to warm up as she stuck her thumb in my grits when I asked her to make me some more grit she said well I have to check and make sure the Grits are cold when the man said that they would make me some new ones he deliberately in plain sight took the old put it in a skillet that wasn't even on he did approached the table with the old grits in a in a bowl saying we will not be rude to his staff or be rude in his store our response was we weren't rude we simply asked for our food to be right and again I requested if I could get another piece of cheese for my grits he stated " you will have to pay for it. that's fine whereas he was walking away to put the cheese in there still talkin disrespectfully and out of line I decided. I was going to pass on thr whole entiee meal. I told him he can have every bit of the meal back as we were standing up to exit the building my purse knocked over my cup of water he then proceeded around the counter where is the other employee was saying Jay calm down he gets within 3 in of our face and takes our picture he keeps telling us to leave his property I said can you please delete my picture because that's a violation of my rights where the camera could see me he refused to do so he kept yelling for us to leave his property as exiting the building there were three off-duty employees outside who heard the commotion came to talk to us as Jay with the phone again in his hand taking pictures of the license plate number and taking pics of my friend.

The off duty employee managed to convince us to go ahead and leave as we were going to wait for the police.

I figured ot was the best for everybody . we left peacefully I believe that this issue should be treated high with high importance for our privacy and our rights were violated not to mention the level of service was unacceptable I request that we are kept up to details of what the investigation to this incident leads to and a request that are pictures are deleted from his phone and to make for sure they are not posted on any social sites I will contact my lawyer in the morning it will seek the full full compensation for these circumstances as we both suffer from anxiety issues already and also post traumatic stress syndrome this was just unprofessional and unjust contact with the customer service number who will be forwarding information to a supervisor in the morning we will contact the Better Business Bureau corporate office in lawyers I hope to hear back from you guys in a timely manner we can be reached at 270-557-9400 thank you and have a very blessed day

Product or Service Mentioned: Waffle House Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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