Rock Hill, South Carolina
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My fiancee' and I went to Waffle House # 1119 ( North Main St. High Point, NC)) and soon as we got our food, half his steak slid off the plate as he was cutting it up.

The waitress was sitting behind us and saw the steak in the floor. He picked it up with a napkin and gave it to her. She talked with the manager and came back to inform us that he would have to pay for another steak. What a shame!

Poor customer on the part of the manager.

An honest accident. I guess one steak would break WF!!!

Monetary Loss: $22.

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It has always been the store itself that replaces anthing dropped or broken while inside the building. considered good customer service and happy customers tell friends who tell friends and sales build.

Unhappy customers tell more people therefore sales fall.

waffle house does not adhere to this, as they dont care if people come back in most cases. once again the rules and laws in most cases do not matter to them. the steak is a high food cost item so they dont give it up.

the manager may not bonus. they never think of the sales they lose dueto poor busieness decisions


You've got to be kidding. Just another case of ridiculous entitlement.

Your fiancee drops his food and somehow Waffle House should be responsible?!?! :roll :roll


Why would they give you free food because you dropped yours? How is that THEIR fault?

And why are you eating steak at a Waffle House? So much wrong with this situation.


*** happens....the fact that they bothered to pick it up and tell you that you needed to pay for another one is not acceptable. People suck!


You could eat it. Or since it was your mistake buy a new one