Indianapolis, Indiana
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Well here it is in a nut shell. I have been a long time customer of waffle house and really enjoyed food and the prep.

calling out orders and how the cook keep it all straight. Now to today, what a mess. I sat at the counter and ordered ham and cheese omlet with scattered and covered and cimmon rasin bread. coffee to drink.

Coffee was luke warm to start with and getting refills with 5 waitress standing in front of me was impossible. Waited on food for 20 minutes. hash browns were burnt and cold so hard i could not cut them. Omlet was ok but not hot and the side of sausage had been setting as the edges were hard and it was not even warm.

My wifes meal was just as bad, the onions in her burnt hash browns were black. She ordered a waffle side and she got a very small waffle after we finished our meal. I asked three times for butter got it on the way out the door. I told the waitrees it was the worst meal i have ever han and her response was i never heard that ok so insult me because i call as i see it and maybe the other patrons never came back.

They did comp the meal in their defense but i also asked to see a manager and after 10 minutes of waiting i was told the manager was busy.

I guess if he is to busy for me i,m not to busy to vent online. I will never return to waffle house i will remember the way it wasKen

  • long time customer
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you should come to the harrison, ohio location then we have good people there i'm a waitress there my name is kayla we are all professional there so you should really stop by we'll give you the house experience.