Here I am again complaining about the same thing at WH 78 not acknowledging customers when they walk in. Well Sunday 9/18/11 there was a waitress or fact none of the STAFF said "WELCOME TO WH" but I asked our waitress why she did not acknowledge us when we walked in she said she did feel like it.

I told her I didn't care that she didn't feel like it that it was her job. The acting manager was sitting there. He did not say to much. Today it happen again.

Why can they not get it right??

I've been going to this WH for well over 20 yrs. I realize they just got rid of the manger that was there however you need to kick it up a notch and look at the TV monitors you have there and find out who your strong waitresses are and who you need to get rid of.

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Kannapolis, North Carolina, United States #686891

are u kidding me , who are u to tell them that they need to greet u , do u own that company , do u think that the doors would close if u didn't go back , I don't think so dude , do u know how much bull that put up with. u are just one of the *** people that think u run things


Come on, it's Waffle House! If all you do is complain and not leave a nice, hefty tip, they aren't just going to skip the greeting, they are going to burn your food and talk bad about you when you leave.



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