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8:23 A.M. Tues 12/28/10 spent $7.51 was served COLD GRITS, when I complained the cook looked down and said "well no wonder the steam table is set on 2" I was asked if I wanted more, why would I I was about through with the rest of the meal, I have visited WH for OVER 50 years, nearly EVERY DAY except on Sundays, the last 5 to 10 years the food gets higher and higher, and the quality worse and worse, where I used to get a full breakfast with meat I CUT BACK to NO meat because the $$$ wasn't worth it, recently I cut back to toast and gravy and even sometimes the gravy is served COLD, another thing these folks will brew a NEW pot of coffee and then MIX it with the previous pot, then the fresh GOOD coffee tastes like ***, NOT to mention they eliminated the SAFER TIGHT THICKER coffee cup tops to the THIN easier to fall off and burn you ones.

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"just go somewhere else!!!"

I do, and your comment shows the management work ethic you have, you don't realize that when enough complaints get out about your business, and store, means LESS business and less tips, matter of fact WHEN I get such NO service, I leave NO tip, so such attitudes just hurts YOUR pocket! I DON'T care if a waitress likes me but I EXPECT HOT food and decent service, your response even shows your lack of education, check out your punctuation. "Stalker" "creeper" that sure is a joke with the average WH worker has many teeth missing, smokers breath, and are subjects of obesity.

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