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I would like for Waffle House corporate to contact me in reference to the new scandal being reported on the news. The waitress that told Raleigh News And Observer newspaper that the other recipient of her 1500.00 tip that the woman was homeless.

N&O reporter then added the description of "Haggard ". I am not homeless and not at all haggard. The reporter took it out of his online report. The story is now viral.

I spoke to Waffle House corporate in reference to them fraudulently altering the credit card transaction after it was authorized. Is that not a felony and against The credit card company rules. Furthermore not giving the server her tip when due is in violation of Wage and Hour. I blessed the server with a couple of hundred of dollars of jewelry that night.

The business owner sat at my table and told me that he instructed the Server Shaina to give me 500.00. I told him that I didn't need it. He said please take it. You blessed her.

I am blessing you. I said is this one of these pay it forward things. He said please take it's and left the restaurant. If the management gave the server the tip then we wouldn't be at this point.

Waffle House corporate is responsible for the in accurate account of what happened by their employees. Even if the woman who was to receive a blessing was homeless are the homeless not entitled to be blessed. Did N&O care about getting their "Haggard" woman her blessing. The tipper knew the server did not get paid.

I called him. Did he pay. her then. No.

Has he paid the 1500.00 tip. No. Waffle House and N&O and the tipper, who owns many restaurants himself.

should be ashamed of themselves. Please have Waffle House legal dept contact me.

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