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I work for WH, and am very displeased. We are the only sales people in the area that have to do as much as we do, and get paid as little as we do.

We have to do the job of waitress, busboy, dishwasher, and sometimes cook. And we only get $3.00 an hour. Other restaurants have separate entities to perform different jobs. Also, when an employee has a complaint about something, no one is willing to help.

Division managers tell you they don't want to get involved, district managers refuse to correct something even they admit is wrong.

In this economy, even under these conditions, I am stuck at this place, and feel underpaid, overworked times 2, and very under appreciated. Something needs to be done.

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There is definitely NO ROOM for advancement. I hate the fact that I feel stuck at this job. I would really love to see something happen to allow for some changes in the Waffle House corporation.


:( I too work at waffle house and all that goes on in my restaurant also. They don't care about us at all.

They don't give us opportunity for advancement. I have worked for them for 4 years now and they haven't offered me any advancement opportunities. They always bring in kids straight out of college to train for management.

And worse thing is I have to help train them. I would never recommend my friends or family to work here!!!!!

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