I have been a server at waffle house for 26 years. I put in my 2 week notice a week ago.

Every since I did, the co-wokers and manager treat me like trash. Today I was sprayed in the face with the dish machine hose. I was drenched and humiliated. They laughed throughout the day, and nothing was ever said to the employee who did it.

I am disgusted with the way I've been treated. It does no good to report this to corp. It takes them 6 months to investigate anything.

By then I'll be gone from this area. Good riddance 1813.

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Two wrongs don't make a right. Sadly, that's true.

As much as I'd love to do the same to her in a pumped up manner. I also need to keep my job record good for better jobs. Waffle House should be boycotted. The ones who work the hardest, get paid the least with no recognition.

The workers are meer peons. While dumbasses sit back and feast off our hard work. My manager makes 60-65k a year.

He sits in his office 5 out of 7 hours on his phone playing Castle Clash and talking with his wife and friends about his cars. The other 2 hours he spends in the bathroom and outside smoking cigarettes.

to Anonymous #986759

Is it possible it was an accident that you were spayed? I've spayed and been sprayed too many times to count.

The hose sucks too much pressure and it bounces off other things in the sink. You couldn't be more wrong about reporting this to corps. The manager I work for is great is hardly in the office.

I called the hotline and an investigator was there in 3 days. You just had a crappy manager, someone should report him!


Why didn't you go back and do the same to them? You are quitting so it should make no difference to you. Stand up for yourself!

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