Ordered meal, was not what was ordered. Gave me 2/3 glass of tomato juice was told that's all they had.

Rest of meal was messed up, when told it was, Chris brought out half the order. We were expected to eat half a cold order and the rest hot.Told him we would pay for 5 of 6 pieces of bacon we ate and nothing else. Employee said what he wrote is what we ordered. We end up paying $22.14 for 5 pieces of bacon.

This is the second time we have been in this store and will not recommend it to anyone. Employee said the store number is not our business and can find it out ourselves. Paying for my meal is not an issue as I am a retired service member. If your employees can not perform their duties you need to look into this new store on Spencer in Pasadena, TX.

I will be investigating this issue further with this store. Please contact me on your next business day.

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