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My husband and I were eating at the Waffle House in Shalimar, FL two nights ago when we saw roaches crawling over the booths and counter, we asked the waitress about this and she said oh you should see it when we move the garbage cans they spread, flies were everywhere and they just ignored everything, the staff was more interested in talking, playing on their phones than waiting on the customers and there weren't that many people in the store at the time we went to eat. Glad I am from out of town because I would never eat there again. The health department needs to seriously go in and check that location.

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #692095

Why is it that you start out complaining about roaches, then all of a sudden switch to complaining about the employees not waiting on the customers. I don't understand why people that find fault with one thing in a business, decide they have to complain about everything.

As far as health inspectors go, they do regular inspections frequently and if the business doesn't have a certain score at the end of that inspection, they are given a certain deadline to get the problem/problems taken care of. Some of the routine inspections are done without notice. The fact that you make it sound like the health inspector doesn't go in on a regular basis shows how naive you are when it comes to things like that. For your information any business that handles food in any form, even grocery stores are inspected on a regular basis.

Oh yes! The fire departments also do routine fire inspections. Maybe you should just chill out, unless you know what you are talking about.

I would also be willing to bet things weren't as bad as you make it sound.

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