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what is it that makes a person feel above the law. women are publicly humiliated in front of consumer if they dont gussy up the make up before work, women have a different set of rules and become like abused women eager tto please him.

as a consumer it disgusts me and what happened to rights of women? is there a way for consmers to file on charges? anytime they hire someone who cares about the patrons and actually does job he fires them - yet the can sit for hours and as long as they wear makeup and flit around him, they stay. it doent matter that we have to get our own coffee cuz they in back.

and no one cares, not even corporate.

how can this be acceptable to anyone? and nwhy would a company want a dictorator, above the law representing them?

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as a former employee i know what your saying, i think its the fact that if your afraid to rock the boat, it will cost your job and they need their jobs. the whole clique thing is crazy, i worked overnight keptt to myself and lies over jealousy cost my job.

And any *** could see i didnt date manager or anyone, i worked and slept. but because he used me to make wife jealous, i lost my job. noi proof, no investigation, I WAS FIRED FOR DATING MANAGEMENT. then they hire the girl he was seeing to replace me.

i was hurt, angry, couldnt believe that was done to me, i worked hard and helped him out a lot, hge wouldnt tell the truth.

and the owner didnt investigate or even ask my side, i became a problem to the clique and that was whst mattered. the manager kept his job, and his girl and probably his wife.

i worked hard and costomers loved me, manager loved my work, but that wasnt important, i made one of the special people madi hope they change things, iu worked there a long time and i hate to see it go bad

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