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This Waffle House's manager is very rude. Her name is Stephanie. I went in for an interview. There was me a Mexican lady, white lady, and an African American male. Now we were all waiting at the same time, but Stephanie only chose to talk and converse with the Mexican and White lady. She gave the Mexican and white lady applications, but left me and the African American gentleman sitting obsolete from the group. Then she chose to obstruct the two ladies to the back collecting their Social security cards and drivers license. Still after that she never conversed with me and the young gentlemen. Instead of having us complete applications she was doing other things and having conversations with employees when there were only two customers. I don't like to judge, but that seems racists to me. Now at the same time I see two African American guest leave because of unfair service. This lady obviously needs more training on diversity, ethics, and professionalism. The restaurant has only Mexican and white employees and Stephanie's demeanor was very inappropriate. I will never come back to the Waffle House and won't make any recommendations there either.

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I cant believe that racist people are allowed to have a business operate in this country everytime i.go here I cant even get whats on the menu or come at five in the Morin and told where out of certain items they dont have y do waffle house think customer come for to look at them screw us this is BS America how do they still have a buisness licenses.


Waffle House was founded by a good old fashioned American Family from West Virginia.A white family.

So you really think, that going into an establishment that is owned by old fashioned white people (and the establishment looks white owned) that they would hire you. I am shocked they hired the mexican but they will eat corn out of donky s-hit for money.

YOU PEOPLE meaning N-IGGERS, dont work, are lazy, collect "Dat weellff'air chek an gubments sup'oht an sheeeiiiitt!" you all go to an all black collage and get some bull s-hit degree like pottery just so you can brang you "Gotz dat edumakashun an sheeeittt!!" Its not like you would have lasted more than a week anyway.You sound like a fat loud mouth sheboon and you probably yould have just sat around and ate waffles all day and then stealing them to "Tuke hohm 2 mah 15 keeeds an sheeeeeiittt!"

to Mr White. #829610

You are pathetic.

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