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My husband and I were arrested on July 26, 2015, at the Waffle House in Union, SC after our waitress Brittany S., gave us the worst serve ever. My family was sitting in the store to make funeral plans for my mom who passed away on July 23, 2015. We are originally from Baltimore, so we had to make the plans for there also. We were not rude, loud, mean or anything. My brother is allergic to peppers, we told her that. His hashbrowns were COVERED with them. We sent them back before he got back from the bathroom. She tried to kill him and, we didn't tip. The manager came to see what the problem was and the waitress whispered she was going to us locked up after we didn't tip. I bused our table, the manger handed her our dishes, she threw tgrm into the gray pan where my 2 sons were sitting. My oldest son thought he was going to hit with brokrn glas or silver ware. He didnt tell her he was with us. Just sat there listening to hate filled tslked to another waitress.

So we left and we talked in the parking lot and she called the police saying we were causing problems. We were discussing what food to have at the memorial. She came out 3 times to tell us we were all getting arrested for NOT TIPPING. Well it worked. Me and my husband were arrrested. She stood there for 4 minutes cussing us out about a tip. I have submitted a formal request for the police dash cam video from that night. When it is available I will be posting it here, Facebook, Twitter and other news outlets as well. So EVERYONE CAN SEE HER ACTIONS and how we were arrested.

They say All publicity is good publcity. Well let's see. I really hope it goes viral. Her uncle is the manager and WON'T FIRE HER. She also takes non- employees behind the counter to the back room. It's AMAZING how she still has a job. Well I will be getting the security tapes from this local Waffle House to submit as to our actions in the store.

WE will NEVER walk into another Waffle House in country because of this. The coffee is good and my husband loves it there. Well not anymore.

So keep covering for your bad employees and you'll be out of business at least here. We are not the only ones. Look into your store in Union, SC for yourself and see the complaints. It's only been open a little over a year.

If you have any questions please feel free to call me. 864-429-3405.


Dawn Schreiber

Product or Service Mentioned: Waffle House Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I am so sorry about your mother. That being said you do not get arrested for not tipping.

It will be interesting to see your video since I question just HOW you sent the hashbrowns back. If you were loud, cussing, threatening or any other aggressive attitude maybe that is why you were arrested. If the hashbrowns were wrong, just send them back without creating a scene. She was not trying to kill anyone.

It's also not fair to paint all Waffle Houses with the same brush.

If you love the coffee, go to another location. It just seems like there are two sides to this story.