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I want went in to a store in blue springs a couple of years ago and the drains we backed up flooding the whole area behind the counter and i felt compelled to call health department upon hearing from the princess, we call her that since she follows no rules, does no work, but she has worked there 20 years. she does party in ways that prove the pop culture, princess said 3 days like that and i know that is unacceptable.

dear les, forget the party, the princess, the 1st shift back room crew in blue springs,, replace them. hire managers and workers that dont hang outtogether, we want service, we dont care about their plans, or what ungodly acts go on. instead of firing the people they girls tell you to, keep them, they are the one who come to work not for social events

we dont want a cutsy server, we want to be appreciated, cared about, service and food. refills it would be nice.

break up the buddys, in fact start from scratch

fire managers for fraternizing not the harassed worker

does the patrons matter at all? do we have a say ? or do you not carre?

well now the stores are family or mixed batch of lazy eye rollers, that is your busieness skill level? yep they get along but we get no service.

and to force women to wear make up is not ethical, or legal. but to make serve is right.

to fire the good to please the ignorant has left many to drive north, where there is no sexists, but there is service. you need to step back and change piorities. and rehire anyone you ever fired.

and theft is wrong and that is a terminatable offense everywhere but for you.

doing a great job gets you fired?

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I am not surprised at all! Sneaky *** usually gets away with stuff.

Kindness is a cover-up for this guy. Watch your back.