Tucker, Georgia
Not resolved

I arrived at Waffle House in Lithonia GA on Christmas night to get a chicken salad and a waffle. The associate named Teresa made a mistake and put my one waffle in another customer bag.

I only got as far as my car before checking the bag. I went back in the store to inform her that she didn't include my waffle in my bag and she went off! Stating that she sure she put a waffle in my bag and I must be mistaking. There were other customers and other associates in the store to hear this disagreement about a waffle.

I was so taking back due to fact that I just paid for my order and gave her a tip on to go order. She proceeds to go on with other workers on the fact that she was sure that she put a waffle in my bag. I have never been treated so disrespectfully while spending my money in my life! I kept thinking when I left the store why didn't I demand my money back for the entire order?

In hind sight it was to avoid physical altercation; seeing that she was arguing with me (customer) in the store. The other associate (Dominique) gave me my order and sent me on my way however I never got an apology.

Although Waffle House use to be my favorite eating place; I will not give any restaurant my earned money to be treated like a thief or liar! Everyone seem to expect that type of Customer Service from Waffle House but why should that service be accepted?

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