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Me and my boyfriend went into waffle house. The service was horrible!

First it started off, we had to wait for straws after our drinks came out finally my boyfriend just got some for us. After our food was done we didn't have ketchup so we had to get some from another table. After our drinks was done we had to go to the counter to get we had to get our own drinks! And they was flat so had to waitagain and dididn't even get straws we just gave up.

At the end of the meal we waited for a to go cup and got rudely ignored so as we preceded to pay they had to find our ticket after letting them know what we had and one of the woman was on her cell phone with a friend I'm assuming in the midst of all the commotion. It was the worst service and they are lucky if we come back at all, along with some of the other ccustomers that was there.

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