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This was the worse Waffle House I have experience and I have been eating at Waffle House all over Arkansas and Dallas Duncanville north Dallas! Here the problem, I order a porks dinner and the waitress not only use her hand to take lettuce out of the bucket, and then she gave it to the cook for him to add tomatoes in which he was replenishing the various sections and the then grap a tomatoe and started dicing it and put it on top of the brown lettuce I comment about it!

Now let's get to the cook! The cook put three pork chop on the grill and potatoes ( hash brown) on the grill in the ring and when it was ready, she served me and I told him the grill was dirty and he said sorry about that, but the day crew did not clean it and he had to many chores to do I took pictures paid the servicerand I was ask did I enjoy my dinner and told NO! And they said it will be better next time! I also on board a sale on the pork chops $7.95 or $7.55 and told the server and she told the cook, and he said that sign don't mean nothing!

My name is Vincent Dodson 1410 big sting gap road, Duncanville tx 75137-5016153033, the black spots that you see is the black junk that came off of the grill, I really think the health department should have been call because it time to shut this place down your cook just didn't care!

I will never visited this Waffle House again! NEVER!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Please note that Vincent R Dodson does not live at the Duncanville Address. If you come into contact please call the Duncanville Police Department 972-780-5038.

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