Nicholasville, Kentucky
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A waffle house in Kentucky refused to serve an armed National Guardsman. this is wrong!

These guys serve our country and deserve more respect than this. He was in uniform so there was no doubt who he was. Waffle house should welcome people like this. There are several reports I have read that law enforcement people in different cities are allowed to carry firearms.

Why not this National guardsman? This refusal was an affront to Waffle House, its customers and common sense.

I believe the corporate office should take action against this particular store. Again, these guys serve our country and deserve more respect.

Reason of review: Refusal of service to a national guardsman in Kentucky..

Preferred solution: Change your gun policy for national Guardsman and other Military professionals..

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I am sure there is more to the story, was he carrying an M16? If so why was the gun even allowed to leave the armory while not on an official mission. There is no policy in the Military allowing soldiers to take M16's into public accommodations, I seriously doubt the Adjutant Generals office is aware of the situation something just sounds fishy about the story!