I went to the Waffle House Restaraunt on December 6,2012@1;30 pm.I ordered 2eggs,over easy,sausage,wheat toast and coffee.I had already ate ONE egg,and 1 piece of toast,and 1 of the patties of sausage.I started to eat the second egg and noticed a long,black hair cooked IN the second egg,i do not have black hair,by the way.I told the waitress,she seen it and said,OOOOOOO,YUK,thats not good.She wanted to know if i wanted to order my eggs again,i said,no,i lost my appetite,she said SORRY.She laid the check down,i was thinking,are they going to make me pay? She asked if i wanted more coffee,(2nd cup),i said yes,please.I was waiting for someone to say,you dont have to pay for your meal,nothing was said.iI finished my coffee,presented my bill,and PAID for my meal !! They still made me pay for it,$7.90 cents,plus i still left a dollar tip!!!!

Review about: Waffle House Eggs.

Monetary Loss: $7.

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