arrived at 5a.m. with my two small children.

our order was taken immediately coke, tea, oj (overcharged), 2 orders of hashbrowns, grits (lumpy and cold), sausage and toast and food delivered promptly however, this was the only interaction the staff had with us at all. my son wanted more toast about 5 min into meal, couldnt even get the waitress to come to our table when i said "excuse me" as she passed my table. all of our drinks were empty at about 15 min into this experience, they were never refilled. after sitting waiting for any kind of service for over 40 min i had to leave our unfinished food as i could not even get a box for the leftovers.

both employees were seated on the opposite side of the restaurant eating and talking only getting up once i reached the register.

i paid at the register and asked for to go drinks since i never got refils while we were eating. WE WERE THE ONLY TABLE IN THE RESTAURANT!

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