Arlington, Texas
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I'm shocked at the behavior of some of the employees at Waffle House these stores are in Arlington Texas.

These employees seem to think it is OK to just screaming customers. they are not there to show their opinions the employees are there to serve food to customers.

These bad employees have a problem with accountability. I was frankly shocked at the way I was spoken to by two different employees of Waffle House.

I understand that these people that work here are generally are not very educated however it makes the company look bad when the employees treat customers with disrespect and need to realize their role is to serve the public. You would think in a tough job market employees would show more restraint when dealing with people.

On a completely different topic some of the employees at Waffle House will come to work with the flu , strep throat , bronchitis, hand and arm wounds that are not covered with band-aids I find this disgusting And a danger to the public health .

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You cannot generalize all Waffle House employees as uneducated. Your attitude has a lot to do with how you are treated in any situation.

Most of these people are trying to work and make a living just like anyone else and they don't need to put up with *** from customers. You have to give respect to get respect.


If you do not know the difference between "public" and "picnic" you are not well educated.


Who are you to criticize anyone for spelling or typos? I've seen you make plenty!

It's hard to avoid seeing your posts, as you comment on every letter here, always with insults. You are toxic and serve no purpose here, other than insulting others to make yourself feel good. All the nasty comments you hurl at people, you do it from the safety of being behind your keyboard.

You would never dare say anything to a person's face, you wouldn't have the nerve. You are a scared little piece of *** You are human filth!


You are seeing things because I have not made any. I am just saying if she is going to criticize other people for not being educated she should be careful.

I would say these things to other people to their face you liar. Talking about hiding behind a keyboard.

You do the same thing telling everyone how you like molesting little girls. You would not admit that to your neighbors though.