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I went to three waffle houses and no dollar value menu was giving. They said they don't have the two dollar double Angus cheese burger. Terrible service and all three locations. they where terrible in Atlanta GA . 1.Gerogia Tech Waffle house

2.Cheshire Bridge Location she actually locked the door at a 24 hour location and said " there is no silverware "

3.Buford Hwy Location The nice lady said there is no dollar menu meat. They why do they have a dollar menu if they never have the meat and any location.

My waffle was burn as well.

Thanks to Coronical .

That's her name of the lady at the Buford hwy location.

I want free stuff please.

Product or Service Mentioned: Waffle House Waffle.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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U want a dollar menu go to mcdonalds.... only the cheap people get the 5 dollar meal


You must be slow and in the special ed classes. Sometimes things run out.

This is unfortunate, but it happens. While you are throwing a temper tantrum because they don't have meat think of the children in Africa or China who have not eaten anything in days or who only get bread and water.


A restaurant should never run out of meat. Thats one main product of the restaurant.

Another country has nothing to do with the service you suppose to supply to the public.

So.. with that being said get it together.


If the place where they get the meat from only is allowed to sell a certain amount to not only this restaurant but others they will run out. They get meat from a third party, and if they can only sell a limited amount to each restaurant and that restaurant is extra busy they will run out.

There supplier cannot have an endless supply of meat, wave a wand and make it magically appear if the restaurant needs more. You need to stop living in a fantasy world and know how the real world works.


This may have nothing to do with other countries, but they have a lot of nerve complaining when a restaurant runs out of meat, which could because their supplier cannot sell enough when there are starving kids all over the world. You must have been in special ed.