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My son use to work for the waffle house. He is sixteen years old.

He is in school and still would work. If they didn't have anybody to work a shift, or someone was going to be late he worked or stayed late even though he knew he had to go to school the next day. However, him and other employees always joked around at work. He called another employee a name and he got fired.

They told him he was on the no rehire list. I don't feel like that was right and the girl still there. He said, she was saying things to. I was not there when they fired him.

I think by me being his parent I should have been there since he was under age. The girl he got fired for wasnt the one he called the name. Furthermore, it was others that got fired due to this same girl and they got their job back. Its not fair that my son couldn't get his job back.

I would like to the corporate office due to this matter. I think this matter wasn't looked into right and im going to get a lawyer for waffle house for wrong turn.

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i do agree with you we have lost some dang good cooks and servers but they remind you every day they do not tolerate any racism and other stuff watch them fire a *** good cook and server he did both and wanted work always on time but because he slipped called another employee the n word him being black himself (thought blacks called blacks that thought just whites couldnt ) they fired him its just there way but its the manager unit and up they losing control of ,.just had to say