Atlanta, Georgia

Me and My wife was at the waffle house today on 5/4/2015. Where we came in and took our seat.

as we were waiting to place our order, the manager came and sat be side me. In a usually respectfully manner he spoke. I did wonder why he was sitting in the seat next to us that when i realized the health inspector was present and sent down from us. As i started to ear hustle the inspector wrote all was wrong with that unit a gave him a 72 C and the food was very much of a reflection of that grade.

it like to make me puke. The gave health inspector gave that unit ten day from that date to get the grade up.

908 thornton rd lithia springs ga. 30122

Product or Service Mentioned: Waffle House Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I just left this waffle house. It was listed as a 89B, but there were roaches crawling on the table and the floor. We immediately left.


The fact that the Health Inspector was there would be no reason for the manager to sit next to you. There is more to your story than you told.

Your complaint might be taken more seriously if your knew how to spell properly, and use proper grammar, and punctuation. Furthermore, why and how would you know what the Health Inspector was writing down?

Are you aware that the names of people, places and things are supposed to be capitalized?