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from 01/01/2011 untill 06/01/2012 a Waitperson refuse to service me because she simply don't like me for personal reason having nothing to do with anything I did to her on her job. she also has a nasty mouth and use bad language, Trying to communicate with her is imposable.

when in her statiion, she refuse to take my order,and offer service to people on both sides of me. never asking would i llike some more coffee. another waitperson has to come over and wait on me. after specking with management, She spade rumours about me, saying I don't like her and is just trying to get her fired, when I have given her at least a year to change her way of thanking about her duties as a waitperson with no result.

i really feel sorry for her.

Laurinburg waffle house

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I have more of a question for you. I've been working for wh since 1998.

For the first time in 15 yrs I refused to wait on a customer. My reason is because of how this person treated me and other employees as well as the choice words n perverted talk.

To me I have that right n I feel like we all should. Is that wrong?

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